Galerie Ulrich Fiedler, Cologne, DE
26 Apr 1996 - 15 Jun 1996

Leipziger Strasse 2, 1995, Inkjet Print, 90 x 112 cm

SPECKERGRUPPEN is the first group of works which makes use of digital technology, both in regard to the shooting and the editing on the computer. The houses in the series, which were photographed with the digital camera, are mostly from Berlin and date to the post-war modern period. Place and time are not specifically listed. What is important is the modernist touch that all these buildings have. However, the solitary buildings are not photographed according to the usual rules of architectural photography, but with collapsing outlines and only a section of the façade. In short, the buildings appear as they do in real life. Admittedly, the contours are soft and blurred as if they had melted, while the colours seem strangely colourful and blotchy. This appearance was only created on the computer and in today's absurdly low resolution.
Paolo Bianchi, 2008, Ästhetik der Fotografie, Kunstforum 192: Schönheit II

Leipziger Strasse 1, 1995, Inkjet Print, 90 x 103 cm

14, 1996, Inkjet Print, 135 x 90 cm

Philips, 1995, Inkjet Print, 114 x 90 cm