Heidi Specker, Germaine Krull, 2005

Sprengel Museum Hannover 2006

Verlag Ann und Jürgen Wilde

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Germaine Krull was an adventurer from the beginning of the 20th century. First as a war correspondent, then as a photographer and hotel manager,
she went to Indochina in 1945.
The artist Heidi Specker relates, in the book, to her work.
Heidi Specker encounters Bangkok no differently than she does Berlin.
The image of the Far Eastern metropolis that Specker creates as a mental
but figurative map is also composed with the details of building façades and the sprinklings of plant nature in their stony pattern. Against the deserted image of the city, which only now and then, in a distant view, suggests cars and passers-by, stands the sculptural element of the enthroned Buddha,
as Germaine Krull found him 60 years ago in the temples of the country.
Brigitte Wernenburg, 2006, taz

Pages of BANGKOK

Fotohof Salzburg, Salzburg, AT
15 Sept 2006 - 04 Okt 2006

Bangkok I - XVI, 2005 ©Fotohof Salzburg

Pages of BANGKOK

24,5 x 19 cm, 160 pages, 46 color images by Heidi Specker, 20 black-and-white images by Germaine Krull
Verlag Ann und Jürgen Wilde
ISBN 9783000176586