App. BXL, Brussels, BE
1 Aug 1997 - 30 Sept 1997

BRÜSSEL, 1997, Scanachrome on canvas, 2800 x 3600 cm

I used the blurry filtering of the SPECKERGRUPPEN and the displacement toward the exemplary and ideal as architectural manifestation also in
RGB Routine and BRÜSSEL. After I had seen ‘everything’ in Berlin, I expanded my search to include Europe. RGB Routine is based on photographs from Barcelona. Just as during a car ride, the eyes look out of the window at a slanting angle; buildings pass by dynamically on the dioganal.
Six motifs, image after image, generate a total picture. Bank, office building, facade, hotel, department store, plaza. This method already began to bore me in Brussels. So I had an urban panorama-like a historical picture-printed on a huge format on canvas. For the exhibition at App. BXL, in the apartment
of Moritz Küng where I displayed only this one large picture BRÜSSEL, I took my leave of blurriness.