Mies van der Rohe Haus, 2017 
Verlag form + zweck

Page 1 of Saat Seed, 2017

In these photographs on the art of nature, Heidi Specker bypasses the expected, she does not photograph outdoors, but brings bags with the
27 plant cuttings into her studio. She ignores blossoms, lush greenery,
lush freshness to evade beauty. Instead, she develops "SAAT SEED", the title of her series, created from the seed, inspired by a concert by the rock musician Neil Young, who campaigns against genetically manipulated seeds in his The Monsanto Years ( Analogous to botanical plant crossings, Heidi Specker crosses photography.

Studio Specker, 2017

Page 19 of SAAT SEED, Harper’s Bazaar, 2017

Gunta Stölzl, Farbfeld, 2017, Archival Fine Art Print, 135 x 90 cm

Orange, Saat Seed, Page 3 and 6 of SAAT SEED, 2017

Saat Seed, Günta Stolz, Page 8 and 10 of SAAT SEED, 2017

Esther Bartning, Light Blue, Page 38 and 18 of SAAT SEED, 2017

23 x 16 cm , 64 pages, 19 color images, English and German text
Mies van der Rohe Haus Berlin
ISBN 978-3-935053-98-3