Museum der Stadt Ratingen, Ratingen, DE
15 Feb 2019 - 12 May 2019

Ars Viva 1997/1998

Out of Heidi Specker's openness and confidence in the new technical possibilities came the six large-format prints. It is a feeling of indeterminacy that RGB-Routine, 1997, has created on this trip: On the one hand, one is confronted with photographs of powerful showpieces of the big city: a residential tower, a bank, a department store, a hotel, an office building. On the other hand, the city dominants are reminiscent of dominoes or Lego towers, models that could easily be transplanted onto the Monopoly board. The drifting of the towers into the unreal and playful
is brought out by Specker's work with the blur filter and testing of new technology. Inevitably, you taste the 1990s, early computer graphics or CD covers.
Michael Stockhausen, 2019, Who’s afraid of Bauhaus? - Kritische Reflexionen Zum 100

Bürohaus, 1997, Inkjet Print, 180 x 125 cm

Fassade, 1997, Inkjet Print, 180 x 125 cm

9 Oct 1997 - 23 Nov 1997 Staatsgalerie Stuttgart
11 Jan 1998 - 22 Feb 1998 Stadliches Museum 
5 Mar 1998 - 13 Apr 1998 NAtionalgalerie im Hamburger Bahnhof 
26 Apr 1998 - 7 Jun 1998 Kunsthalle zu Kiel

Who's afraid of Bauhaus? Kritische Reflexionen zum 100. ©Museum der Stadt Ratingen

In her series, Heidi Specker often shows skyscraper facades of the sixties and seventies in extreme angles and detail. In the large-format series - RGB Routine - a digital blur filter deprives low-res images of any detailed information. What remains of the concrete image are modular structures and generated patterns. Specker sees computer photography as a "consistent technical equivalent to the modern urban environment."
Spiegel-Special, 1998

Plaza 1997, Inkjet Print, 180 x 125 cm

Kaufhaus, 1997, Inkjet Print, 180 x 125 cm