After focussing on corn in DAMME and CORNFELD, both photographed in Lower-Saxony, Germany,  which is an area of endelss cornfields. This landscape become a cliché for the destruction by industrial food production. Damme became an emblem for the monocultural exploitation of land. This project started as a biographical story, has to be continued together with global aspects.
  • Where are the biggest fields in the world?
  • Where and when did these industries started and where will it end?
  • Whats the influense of science for the development?
The project will continue with research on the Corn Belt in the North of America where Corn has been the predominant crop since the 1850s.

CORN BELT Video Collage by Heidi Specker and Kristina Cyan, 2023

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Meike Behm holding Abitreff during the finissage of DAMME, Kunsthalle Lingen 2022



Abitreff are 4 portraits of former classmates who stayed in Damme itself or around this area. The pictures are a look in the mirror, in which the photographer recognizes herself, her past and her heritage. It is amazing that after 40 years, there is still a solidarity and bonding, simply based on the fact that all were shaped by the same argricultural landscape.

Kunsthalle Lingen, Lingen, DE
11 Dec 2021 - 6 Mar 2022

Silk screen of the copperplate print Das Pflanzenreich (Hausschatz des Wissens, 1895)

Tatjana Doll, 2021

Kommunale Galerie Berlin, 2021 

Still from video DAMME Landstrasse Glückauf, 2022