Architectural And Photographic Constructions
The text is the result of a conversation between Heidi Specker and Tim Wray, conducted in Berlin in summer 2006, and will be included in the book Camera/Constructs, to be published in 2007. The interview followed Specker’s participation in the Camera/Constructs conference on architecture and photography, held at the University of East London (at which Tim Wray is teaching) in April 2006.

Kassel - Concrete (2005)
For the exhibtion -archive in motion- I was invited to work with the archive of the documenta, Kassel. The Aluminium-Paravent displays the 5 platforms of the documenta 11. The platforms Vienna, New Delhi, Santa Lucia and Lagos are shown in traditional, local ornaments. These ornaments are cut out of the material, so you can look through the sculpture.
The 5th platform, Kassel, is presented with a motif from Concrete. Silk-screen printing on the aluminium.

archive in motion

This is tomorrow (2004)
Brotfabrik Edition #2
Silk-screen printing. Edition of 25. A1, numbered and signed.

1956 Richard Hamilton
1994/95 Sir Hubert Bennett
1977 Bryan Ferry
2004 Heidi Specker

Galerie in der Brotfabrik Editionen